Google IO2019で聞きに行こうと思っているセッション一覧



Tuesday, May 7

時間 セッション 場所
10:00AM Google Keynote Amphitheatre
12:45PM Developer Keynote Amphitheatre
2:00PM What’s New in Android Amphitheatre
3:00PM Best Practices in Using the Android Emulator Stage 3
4:00PM Zero to App: Live Coding a Cross-Platform App on Firebase Amphitheatre
6:00PM Understand Kotlin Coroutines on Android Stage 2
7:00PM Speechless Live Amphitheatre

Wednesday, May 8

時間 セッション 場所
8:30AM Overview of Privacy Changes in Android Q Amphitheatre
8:30AM What’s New in Android Studio UI Design and Debugging Tools Stage 1
8:30AM Material Theming: Build Expressively with Material Components Stage 7
9:30AM What’s New in Android Development Tools Amphitheatre
10:30AM What’s New in Firebase Stage 8
12:30PM What’s New in Kotlin on Android, 2 Years In Amphitheatre
1:30PM Jetpack Navigation Stage 2
2:30PM What’s New in the Android Studio Build System Stage 2
3:30PM What’s New with Google Play Billing Stage 3
5:30PM Best Practices for Using Sign-In for Android Apps Stage 3

Thursday, May 9

時間 セッション 場所
9:30AM What’s New in the Android OS User Interface Stage 1
11:30AM What’s New with ConstraintLayout Stage 1
1:30PM Build Apps for the Next Billion Users Stage 1
3:30PM Engage and Keep Your Users in Your App with Firebase Stage 6


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